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7 No-Fail New Year’s Resolutions You Might Actually Keep

With the start of the new year, you might be tempted to make some New Year’s resolutions. But, let’s face it, most of us just didn’t keep up with the New Year’s resolutions we made last year, or the ones from the years before. Really, does anyone actually keep their … Continue reading

Do Cholesterol Drugs Have Men By Their Gonads?

Cholesterol-lowering agents in the statin drug class have long been linked with erectile dysfunction and low testosterone — effects that compromise more than just a man’s general sense of well-being and physical health, but his ego as well. Now, a new study on statins and male fertility has found for … Continue reading

What a Man’s Testicles Tell About His Health

It’s commonly known that we studs often think about s*x. We like talking about what turns us on. Still, concerns about our boys are kept in the closet. There are several important facts that shouldn’t be kept under wraps. Here we disclose what every man should know about his nuts. … Continue reading

Is Male Menopause Real?

If you have any of these symptoms or know anyone who does, please check out our website and give us a call to find out what you can do. Is Male Menopause Real?  By Daniel D. Federman, M.D., and Geoffrey A. Walford, M.D. Newsweek Jan. 15, 2007 issue – You’re … Continue reading

Low Testosterone levels in Men Linked to Whole Body Inflammation

Low testosterone levels have been linked to a marker of whole body inflammation, C Reactive Protein.  When germs, high levels of fat in blood or high blood pressure are present they cause cellular injury, resulting in inflammation of the body.  Harboring inflammation over an extended period of time can lead … Continue reading

Why You Don’t Need to Worry About Your Health Over the Holidays

It’s the holidays and you’ve probably seen endless stories about how you can “stay healthy over the holidays” — tips intended to keep you from “overindulging.” Ick! It’s the holidays – and how un-fun is it to be at a party when your chief concern is avoiding the baked Brie? … Continue reading

Safety of Testosterone Therapy & Clueless Primary Care Physicians

Testosterone replacement therapy for hypogonadal men has been used for decades. However, there are still scores of primary care doctors spreading irresponsible misinformation regarding the safety of this treatment, particularly to elderly men who can benefit mightily from a balanced hormonal health. A study was done with 255 men with … Continue reading

Boston Men Show Decline in Testosterone (Male Hormone) Levels

A recently published study confirms what has been suspected for some time, which is that men in the Boston area over the past two decades are showing declining levels of testosterone (male hormone), in their blood. Over twenty years the average testosterone level in these men dropped from 501 to … Continue reading

Testosterone Therapy is associated with reduction in pain in men

New studies have associated a reduction in pain in men undergoing testosterone replacement therapy.  The results were presented at The Endocrine Society’s 95th Annual Meeting in San Francisco. “In this study, we attempted to determine whether testosterone replacement improves pain perception and tolerance, and quality of life in men with … Continue reading

Testosterone; Male or Female you need it!

We don’t have to be miserable as we age like many want us to believe.  Find out where your levels are and get them balanced. Testosterone; Male or Female you need it!  by: Michelle LeSueur   It is amazing how many people are suffering from low testosterone.   What is concerning … Continue reading