Capsaicinoids Supplementation Reduces Appetite and Body Circumferences in Healthy Men and Women A Placebo Controlled Randomized Double Blind Study

Abstract Background Consumption of capsaicinoids (CAP), the bioactive and pungent principles in red hot pepper, has been shown to increase energy expenditure and may impact overall metabolism. In vivo studies suggest that supplementation of CAP could positively affect risk factors of cardiovascular health. Therefore, the purpose of this study was … Continue reading

The dark side to juicing: Swapping meals for a liquid diet ‘can lead to migraines, fertility problems and liver damage’

Juicing advocates say a liquid diet will aid weight loss and boost health Experts warn science behind the craze is sketchy – and it can cause harm In the short term juice diets may lead to headaches, fatigue and dizziness Long term it can lead to loss of muscle, liver … Continue reading

Sermorelin-GHRP 2, A Profound Effect on Body Composition with Renewed Energy!

SERMORELIN – GHRP2 & GHRP6 Call Boston Testosterone Partners to learn more about our FDA approved Second Generation HGH releasing peptide therapy. We are the Nation’s foremost medical experts in HGH optimization through the use of prescription Sermorelin GHRP2 & GHRP6!  Importantly, we are also the only Men’s Hormone Clinic … Continue reading

Junk Food Isn’t Just Making People Fat—It’s Making Them Stupid

Crossword, Sudoku, and Jeopardy! enthusiasts beware: Every french fry and candy bar you consume might be throwing off your game. A study conducted by researchers at Oregon State University and published in the journal Neuroscience suggests that high-fat, high-sugar diets have a detrimental effect on what they refer to as “cognitive … Continue reading

Lack of exercise costs world $67.5B and 5M lives a year

LONDON –  A study of one million people has found that physical inactivity costs the global economy $67.5 billion a year in healthcare and productivity losses, but an hour a day of exercise could eliminate most of that. Sedentary lifestyles are linked to increased risks of heart disease, diabetes and … Continue reading

The Big Fat Fix: meet the diet doctor changing the way we eat

Calories and butter are in and carbs and sugar are out — Rosamund Urwin meets the diet doctor changing the way we eat. Dr Aseem Malhotra orders a double helping of cheese. At Li Veli — an Italian bistro in Covent Garden — he picks a plate of Italian cheeses … Continue reading

Boston Testosterone – Testosterone Therapy Patient Testimonials and Reviews

Testosterone Replacement Testimonials and Reviews by Boston Testosterone Partners. At Boston Testosterone Partners, we define success as our patients do. We believe that candor, veracity and integrity are defined not by what a medical practice says about themselves but, instead, what the patients and clients say about the medical practice. Boston Testosterone … Continue reading

Virgin olive oil and hypertension

Oleic acid plus a constellation of minor constituents as a natural antihypertensive. Consumption of virgin olive oil is good for you, but why? Scientific evidence on this issue has been accumulating for a quarter century. Epidemiological, clinical, and animal studies support that the consumption of virgin olive oil, instead of … Continue reading

Here’s New Proof That Not All Fats Are Bad For You

Fats like olive oil were linked to a lower risk of death in a new study Eating fat is not bad for your health if you’re opting for the right kinds, a new study suggests. In the new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers looked at the diets of … Continue reading

Cravings for high-calorie foods may be switched off in the brain by new supplement

Eating a type of powdered food supplement, based on a molecule produced by bacteria in the gut, reduces cravings for high-calorie foods such as chocolate, cake and pizza, a new study suggests. Scientists from Imperial College London and the University of Glasgow asked 20 volunteers to consume a milkshake that … Continue reading

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