Safety of Testosterone Therapy & Clueless Primary Care Physicians

January 18, 2013 Boston, MA – Testosterone replacement therapy for hypogonadal men has been used for decades. However, there are still scores of primary care doctors spreading irresponsible misinformation regarding the safety of this treatment, particularly to elderly men who can benefit mightily from a balanced hormonal health. A study … Continue reading

Libido, Testosterone and Nutrition

Boston Testosterone Partners Boston, Massachusetts – Dr Cecilia Tregear explains why she believes that sexual activity is a great tool for gauging  health and what you can do to give your score a boost. Forget Botox. If you want to look and feel young, then what you should really be doing … Continue reading

Declining testosterone levels in men not part of normal aging

Boston Testosterone Partners – A new study finds that a drop in testosterone levels over time is more likely to result from a man’s behavioral and health changes than by aging. “Declining testosterone levels are not an inevitable part of the aging process, as many people think,” said study co-author … Continue reading

Boston Testosterone Doctors – Testosterone Does Not Cause Prostate Cancer

Boston Testosterone Partners As leading Harvard Medical Doctors have been telling us for years, Testosterone Replacement Therapy does not cause cancer. Men who undergo testosterone replacement therapy due to a drop in testosterone levels might not be at an increased risk of getting prostate cancer as previously thought, a new study from the U.K. suggests. … Continue reading

Men With Low Testosterone Not Receiving Treatment

Study finds patients with deficiency more likely to be poorer and without insurance  Boston Testosterone Partners, Men’s Health Clinic.  Boston, Massachusetts –  (HealthDay News) — Many men with low testosterone levels don’t receive treatment, even though they have access to care, according to a U.S. study. The study, which received … Continue reading

Why Estrogen Balance is Critical to Aging Men

“The Greatest Health of Your Life”℠National Testosterone Restoration for MenWellness & Preventative Medicine Boston Testosterone (6337) Originally Published by Life Extension Magazine  By William Faloon When we started offering comprehensive blood test panels, men did not understand why we were checking their estrogen levels. Back in those days, estrogen was … Continue reading

Sermorelin-GHRP 2, A Profound Effect on Body Composition with Renewed Energy!

SERMORELIN – GHRP2 Call Boston Testosterone Partners to learn more about our FDA approved Second Generation HGH releasing peptide therapy No mixing. No Refrigeration. Easy Travel. Far superior technology than any other Sermorelin product available.   Eliminate Cellulite Increase Energy Increase Mood and Memory Increase Lean Muscle Mass Reduce Body … Continue reading

Life or Death: Lethal Dangers of High Estrogen and Low Testosterone Levels

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association measured blood estradiol (a dominant estrogen) in 501 men with chronic heart failure. Compared to men in the balanced estrogen quintile, the men in the highest estradiol quintile were 133% more likely to die.  These Men had serum estradiol levels of … Continue reading

Diet Tricks the Pros Tell Their Friends 855-617-MEDS (6337)   By Leslie Barrie, (Leslie Barrie and have no affiliation with Boston Testosterone.  This article was borrowed for informational purposes.)   Wish you had your own get-slim dream team? Well, you’re in luck: we tapped celebrated weight-loss pros and asked them to share the one … Continue reading

Understanding Sermorelin

www.BostonTestosterone.Com Premier Hormone Replacement and Weight Loss Programs for Men and Women 855-617-MEDS (6337)   Understanding Sermorelin; is it right for you? While we were young our brains naturally stimulated the pituitary glands to produce ample amounts of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones (GHRH), which promote and sustain health and vitality. … Continue reading

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