New Study reveals popular D Aspartic Acid test boosters are dangerous and not effective to boost testosterone

Boston Testosterone Partners, medical testosterone replacement therapy doctors. By Boston Testosterone Partners, October 23, 2013 – A medical study recently revealed that the popular supposed testosterone booster, D-Aspartic Acid was found to be ineffective in boosting testosterone levels.  Far too many men today fall for the marketing claims by testosterone booster … Continue reading

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (Injectable) for men over 30 with Low Testosterone/Andropause

By Charlie Blaisdell Boston Testosterone Partners October 14, 2013 Boston, Massachusetts – With advancing age, it is natural for hormonal and other changes to occur in men that may require an inquiry into the best options for Testosterone Replacement Therapy. In particular, the levels of testosterone start to decline, and … Continue reading

Injectable Glutathione Therapy at Boston Testosterone Partners

Boston Testosterone Partners provides Testosterone Replacement Therapy to men over 30 who suffer from low testosterone or andropause.  Our patients also have access to cutting edge neutraceutical injectables. Glutathione is perhaps the most exciting one of them all. If you have not heard of glutathione yet, get ready, you will. Glutathione is referred to as the … Continue reading

A look inside blood results from 5+ years on TRT – Boston Testosterone Partners

Well, actually now 6 years with this edit dated April 24, 2014.  Most recent blood results are found immediately below representing six years on Preventative Medicine and Testosterone Replacement Therapy with Boston Testosterone Partners and CORE New England.  From my family to yours, all the best, Charlie Blaisdell  Cholesterol continues … Continue reading

Healthy Shoulders: How to avoid being sidelined – Boston Testosterone Partners

Boston, Massachusetts – One of the biggest problem areas for our patients is their shoulders.  As we age, the years of use take a toll on our shoulder stability.  And while exercising and weight training go a long way for us, one movement may do more harm than help. Overhead … Continue reading

Coming September 2013 – BTP Wellness and Health!!

First Product to be released September 2013: BTP Wellness Superfoods with Greens Complex     Boston Testosterone Partners National Testosterone Restoration for Men Wellness & Preventative Medicine 855-617-MEDS (6337)        

Ditch the Chronic Complainers in your Life – BTP Weekend Tip

Boston Testosterone Partners  Labor Day Tip:  Get far away from the chronic crybabies this weekend. Often times we get stuck at gatherings with that one person who cannot stop complaining.  Typically, people who like to complain don’t want a solution.  They want to drag you down to commiserate with them … Continue reading

How to be More Attractive – Boston Testosterone Partners

Boston, Massachusetts – Boston Testosterone Partners Being attractive is easier than you think. Just keep up with as many of these changeable features as you can. According to a 1997 study, Self-Care was the most important attractiveness feature.  Changable things like good grooming, neat hair, nice fitting and quality clothing, … Continue reading

Finger Length and The Casanova Pattern – Boston Testosterone Partners

BOSTON TESTOSTERONE PARTNERS – Boston, Massachusetts It’s a simple do-it-yourself health test, no equipment needed: Stretch your hands out in front of you and look at how long your fingers are. Most men have ring fingers that are slightly longer than their index fingers, while in most women these fingers … Continue reading

Money Saving Tips at the Pump – Boston Testosterone Partners

While we blog about health and fitness constantly, today, with summer heating up, Boston Testosterone Partners would like to pass on some cool savings tips for all those planning getaways or  road trips. We hope you find some value in these tips, as we all have here. Please feel free … Continue reading

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