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Well, actually now 6 years with this edit dated April 24, 2014.  Most recent blood results are found immediately below representing six years on Preventative Medicine and Testosterone Replacement Therapy with Boston Testosterone Partners and CORE New England.  From my family to yours, all the best, Charlie Blaisdell 

Cholesterol continues to improve with Total Cholesterol and LDL (bad cholesterol) going down.  Glucose and Triglycerides remain low.  PSA values, a measure of prostate health continue to go down with proper Testosterone dosing.  Total Testosterone, Free Testosterone and Bioavailable Testosterone levels stay perfectly optimized and well within normal reference ranges.  C-Reactive Protein stays low.  Estradiol and DHT stay within perfect ranges.  Liver and kidney enzymes remain all low and within reference ranges.

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Below, we include our Clinic Director’s blood results, 42 year old Charles Blaisdell, who has been on testosterone replacement therapy for 5+ years after having been diagnosed with a testosterone deficiency.

With all the misinformation on the internet, coupled with faux science spread on threads and forums, we want to take the opportunity to show you some real results from medical hormone therapy.

In the landmark book, Testosterone for Life (McGraw-Hill, 2008), Harvard professor Abraham Morgentaler thoroughly discredited the notion that testosterone causes prostate cancer.

What came as a bombshell to the medical establishment was the compilation by Dr. Morgentaler of scientific facts showing that men with low testosterone levels have an increased percentage of prostate cancer-positive biopsies.

Moreover, there exists a very large and lengthy body of research that shows the importance of optimized testosterone for cardiovascular health protection.

Anecdotally speaking, young men with HIGH testosterone and LOW estrogen do not have heart attacks and do not get prostate cancer while older men with LOW testosterone and HIGH estrogen (moobies or man-boobs) have adverse cardiovascular events and prostate cancer.

And while we are all very different, with the right doctors showing the requisite care, skill and knowledge of hormone balancing, most men are able to achieve similar levels of optimization as you’ll see below.

The bloods, collected on August 30, 2013, contain three pages of labs.

As you’ll see, not one lab result is out of range.  If you are ready to make positive changes to your health, contact us today at www.BostonTestosterone.com




This is where we excel for you.  Bioavailable Testosterone is the portion an expert physician will raise for you.  Bioavailable testosterone is the level that matters most when optimizing testosterone.  Most primary care doctors have no idea what it is.  Here, from our therapy, bioavailable testosterone is placed in an excellent range.  This is normally at or below 150 on most men.  The goal in proper TRT is to keep total testosterone well in range so there are no side effects, while optimizing bioavailable testosterone.  Most hormone doctors completely fail to understand and address this.  With Boston Testosterone’s protocols, total testosterone stays perfectly optimized.  Page 2

Estrogen is in the sweet spot, 22.  While anything below 39 is normal, the goal for a man is to be between 20-25.  Page 3

DHT is exactly where it should be, at 40 in a 16-79 range.  DHT must be balanced to allow for sexual potency.  Too low and libido will suffer, too high and Male Pattern Baldness can take hold.  Page 2

IGF-1, a measure of your HGH, is well above average but not too high and out of range.   Page 2

Vitamin D3 is at 64 in a 30-100 range.  Not too high, not too low.  Page 1

Cholesterol is perfect.  HDL (Good) is high and LDL (Bad) is low.  Triglycerides are very low.  Glucose is low.  With perfectly balanced hormones come great cholesterol balancing.  You can read more about how our therapies can correct cholesterol from our patient reviews on our Facebook Wall (posts by others)  Page 1

Thyroids are all perfectly line.  Page 2

PSA, Prostate values are very low.  Page 3

AST and ALT, Liver Enzymes, are in a low range.  Kidney enzymes all low and well within range.  Page 1

C-Reactive Protein, a measure of inflammation in our body is very low.  Page 3



If you are looking testosterone therapy, ask the other doctors and clinics for their blood results.  It’s easy to claim you know what you are doing, but difficult to show it.


Don’t delay.  Contact Boston Testosterone Partners today to get tested for testosterone or other hormonal deficiencies.  If you’ve read through all our patient reviews and testimonials posted to the Facebook Wall, you’ll know how well our protocols help men who are in need of therapy.

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Call or email us at Info@BostonTestosterone.com to get tested.  Blood testing is simple and can usually be performed by us within 24 hours.

Find out if Testosterone Replacement Therapy with Boston Testosterone Partners is for you.



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