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Porn Use Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

Men who are obsessed with pornography and prefer masturbation to sexual intercourse appear to be at increased risk for erectile dysfunction, a new study suggests. Although these results need validation, urologists and other clinicians who treat men with erectile dysfunction and other forms of sexual dysfunction should ask patients about … Continue reading

Surprising Dangers of Elevated Uric Acid

Elevated levels of uric acid are associated with gout, an excruciating form of arthritis. More recent evidence demonstrates powerful correlations between high uric acid levels and some of the most deadly conditions of our time, including metabolic syndrome, diabetes, kidney failure, and cardiovascular disorders.1-5 In 2016-2017, a group of studies … Continue reading

Bone Density, Anemia Improve With Testosterone in Low-T Men

Study Highlights Snyder and colleagues: Study participants were men at least 65 years old with 2 serum testosterone results of less than 275 ng/dL. Men were randomly assigned to receive testosterone gel with titration to maintain serum testosterone levels commensurate with those of a young man, or placebo gel. The … Continue reading

Colon Cancer Screening: What You Need to Know

Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States today. It’s a serious American health problem, says Johns Hopkins gastroenterologist Francis Giardiello, M.D. However, there are many ways you can decrease your risk or even prevent colon cancer. The single best thing you can do … Continue reading

New study demonstrates omega-3 fatty acids increase blood flow to regions of the brain associated with cognition

According to a new study published last Thursday in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, by using neuroimaging, researchers were able to demonstrate increased blood flow in regions of the brain associated with memory and learning in individuals with higher omega-3 levels. Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders (ADRD) are a group … Continue reading

Shift Work Throws Urologic Health Off Schedule

Nonstandard shifts and a circadian rhythm disturbance known as shift work sleep disorder contribute to a significant increase in urinary tract symptoms and reproductive problems, according to three studies conducted at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. “A 45-year-old shift worker with shift work sleep disorder might look like … Continue reading

Gout Patients Should Be Screened for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is common and often severe in men suffering from gout, according to the results of a cross-sectional survey of men who presented to a rheumatology clinic. “These results strongly support the proposal to screen all men with gout for the presence of ED. Increasing awareness should in … Continue reading

Fitness Tips for 50-Plus

Upping your daily activity level at 50-plus is more manageable when you follow these fitness tips from a Johns Hopkins fitness expert. One of the most important reasons to exercise at 50-plus is to keep your weight in check. By maintaining a healthy weight, you lower your blood pressure and decrease your … Continue reading

Running Strengthens the Spine

For the first time, research has shown that a particular exercise is good for the discs in the spine.  In the first human study of its kind, researchers have shown evidence that a specific physical exercise is beneficial for the discs in our spines. The study named “Running exercise strengthens … Continue reading

Exercise can boost brain power, prevent heart damage

Looking for a magic elixir for health? There’s more evidence exercise may be it, improving thinking skills in older adults and protecting against heart damage in obese people, two separate studies published Monday show. “Exercise has many, many benefits. … I don’t know that we fully understand why it has … Continue reading

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